On June 15, the closed places in the restaurant open – Strict rules for their operation

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Undersecretary of Development and Investment, Nikos Papathanasis, revealed that the interiors of the restaurants will open in the first fortnight of June, based on specific rules, which will be determined soon.

Asked about the reduction in VAT and whether it will “reach” consumers, he stressed that he is confident that the market will work and there will be reductions in prices.

As Mr. Papathanasis told ANT1, next Monday he will return to work, 45% of the workers who had stopped working will return and in a short time, the rest will return as there will be a second wave of returns in June.

Regarding the effects of the scandal on the market, he said that there are constant checks and where necessary fines are imposed.

Premiere Monday for catering

From Monday, May 25, the restaurants will open and the owners’ preparations are feverish.

On June 15, the closed places in the restaurant open - Strict rules for their operation

Masks, antiseptics and distances compose the return to the new normality. Specifically, in bars, cafes, restaurants and fast-food restaurants, one customer per 2 sq.m. will be allowed, while up to six people will sit at each table unless it is a case of a family with minor children.

The regulations

· The current ratio is one customer per two sq.m. total useful allowable operating area.

· The total allowable operating surface area results from the sum of the area of ​​the outdoor area and the internal semi-outdoor area, mainly space.

· The outdoor surface is the area of ​​the surface outside the physical store while the inner semi-outdoor surface is the surface inside the store where table seats can be developed.

· The possibility of using the internal semi-outdoor surface arises when there is a side or sides of the space with an opening in contact with an outdoor area or patio.

On June 15, the closed places in the restaurant open - Strict rules for their operation

· Depending on the opening of the side, space can be used in-depth at a rate of 80% to 160% of the width of the opening.

· Determined as the minimum distance between the tables according to the layout of the seats from 0.70 cm to 1.70 cm

· Maximum number of people sitting at a table is allowed. There is no limit in the case of a family with minor children.

· Finally, depending on the job of the staff, there is an obligation to use a mask or face shield, while a recommendation also applies to customers.

The driver of EFET

EFET has issued a guide aimed at providing simple and practical instructions for adapting stores to the new reality that has been created.

It includes instructions on how to receive the materials and how to store the food as well as everything related to the staff.

At the same time, it is requested that a program for the gradual arrival and departure of employees be formed.

The EFET guide for catering shows the following 10 key points that customers should pay attention to:

– Symptomatic employees, under the responsibility of the employer, must refrain from their duties.

– It is better to use stairs, where there are, instead of elevators.

-To keep the distances to the table seats, as defined by the new regulation for catering

On June 15, the closed places in the restaurant open - Strict rules for their operation

– Prefer intact card transactions instead of cash

– The POS must be disinfected regularly, as must the area around the cash register. There must be an antiseptic in place of the cashier and the second antiseptic in place of the customer

– The restaurant must not allow tail formation. The recommendation of EFET is to have delimitation of distances with markings

– EFET recommends that restaurants be adequately ventilated. For extra protection, EFET recommends the use of sinks with intact batteries (footers, photocell, etc.)

-The restaurant must have adequate cleaning consumables in the toilet (soaps or antiseptics)

On June 15, the closed places in the restaurant open - Strict rules for their operation

– The instruction of EFET for the staff of the catering stores is to disinfect the trays of the waiters as well as the catalogs. In addition, the takeaway areas must be disinfected.

– According to EFET, staff and distributors must wear a mask and gloves


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