Open beaches: Full but with distances

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From today, bathers can enjoy the organized beaches, as they have opened, but with strict protection measures. The high temperatures and the longing for the sea, led many Athenians to the shores of Attica, especially afternoon, however, the large attendance at the beach is expected tomorrow Sunday.

Municipalities have been working feverishly for the past few days to prepare the organized beaches, according to the instructions given. These include, among other things, 40 bathers per acre, four meters of one umbrella axis from the other and two sunbeds per umbrella. At the entrances, the public is counted, so that the limit is observed and not exceeded. Cleaning crews disinfect chairs and sunbeds in each bathtub change, while the toilets are constantly disinfected.

Canteens and bars do not sell alcohol and for all other items (coffee, soft drinks, packaging sandwiches, etc.) bathers buy them and return them to the sunbeds because they are not allowed to be consumed there to avoid overcrowding ( that is, they function as take away), while music is also prohibited.

Municipal police are also monitoring the fines for those who do not comply with the instructions, but the vast majority of bathers appear and are informed of the suggestions that have been announced and comply with the distances, with the result that the beaches have not yet appeared. a serious incident of irregularity.

Source: RES-EIA


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