Panhellenic 2020: The examination centers have been appointed

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The examination centers of the nationwide examinations per Region of the country, which this year are more than last year due to the pandemic of corona and the special distances that will be observed per candidate, announced the Ministry of Education.

The relevant tables here.

JMC for conducting the examinations

With optional use of a mask for the candidates and mandatory for the supervisors, with a distance of 1.5 meters and natural ventilation in the rooms, without fans, this year’s Panhellenic Examinations will be held.

The above is determined by a relevant Joint Ministerial Decision of the Ministers of Education and Health, N. Kerameos and V. Kikilias, published in the Official Gazette (1967 B ‘/ 21.05.2020) and which defines the manner of conducting the pan-Hellenic exams 2020 (written or oral).

Distances and masks

A distance of 1.5 meters should be observed between the candidates in each examination room. The same distance should be observed in the field of preparation of candidates with disabilities and special educational needs or special learning difficulties, as well as in their examination area.

As for the use of protective masks, this will be optional by candidates and teaching staff within the examination centers. However, for teachers-supervisors of all examination centers, as well as for the examination of a candidate in the presence of a parallel support teacher, the use of a protective mask will be mandatory.

For the above, the chairman and members of the Lyceum Examination Committee of each examination center for the GEL candidates who are examined in writing, the Examination Committee for the EPAL candidates examined in writing and the Examination Committee for the Examination Committee of each Special Examination must take care of the above. are examined orally.

Ventilation of rooms and hygiene rules

According to the JMC, the rooms should be adequately ventilated in a natural way. Where this is not possible, the use of air conditioners is provided, but in accordance with the instructions of the relevant circular of the General Directorate of Public Health of the Ministry of Education. The use of fans will be prohibited.

As is already the case in the school environment after the removal of the lockdown, the co-ordination should be avoided and the instructions for good hand hygiene using water and soap or with an alcoholic antiseptic solution should be followed, according to the instructions of EODY. Also, the examination centers will follow the rules of EODY for cleanliness.

The canteens will remain closed during the Examinations.


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