Rethymnon: Police are investigating the causes of the double murder in Anogia

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Two dead and one slightly injured are the tragic result of a heated argument in Anogia, Rethymnon, with an entire village in disarray and residents of Crete wondering how the two men, aged 63 and 30, were killed.

A dialogue, late last night, in the neighbourhood where the two men were staying in Perachori, Anogia, led to a misunderstanding. The intense altercation resulted in an exchange of gunfire, resulting in the fatal injury of the 30-year-old father of two and a descendant of a well-known family from Anogia, and the 63-year-old father of five, who had been involved in delivery, choreography and book writing for decades. with mantinades.

Rethymno: The perpetrator of the double murder was handed over to Anogia

In an attempt to separate those involved, another 30-year-old was slightly injured in the leg. All of them were taken to the Anogia Health Center, where police arrived immediately in order to avoid any problems between the two families. “It simply came to our notice then. No ugliness was done by the relatives of the dead. These are difficult times for our village and we, the residents, must be able to support the families and calm down in our place “, said the priest of Anogia, Andreas Kefalogiannis, to APE BPE.

At 3 in the morning, the bodies were transported to the hospital of Heraklion of the 30-year-old and to the hospital of Rethymno of the 63-year-old, where the necessary forensic examinations are expected to take place today.

Strong police forces and a Security and Safety Squadron are stationed in Anogia, where they are searching for evidence and findings to shed light on the case. From the first moment, the General Police Director of Crete, Lieutenant General Antonis Routzakis, is in the area, coordinating the investigations.

“The calm in the village must be preserved, the citizens must not be misled by misinformation and the authorities must be allowed to work for the best in these difficult times for our place and our people,” the mayor of Anogia told APE-MPE. Socrates Kefalogiannis.

Source: RES-EIA


Rethymno: The perpetrator of the double murder was handed over to Anogia

Rethymnon: Two dead and one injured after a fight


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