Primary schools: How to make up for lost time – What will happen in September

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Primary school students may not have returned to school yet, but discussions have already begun on what will happen at the beginning of the school year in September.

Given that two months of primary school classes have been missed, the Ministry of Education is considering all possible ways to make up for lost teaching hours as much as possible.

The beginning will be from next Monday when the primary school students will return to the desks. The schools, as it became known yesterday, will remain open until June 26, ie for two additional weeks from the initial planning.

However, in the meantime, the material that will be covered will not be able to cover all the “lost ground”.

Therefore, the early start of the school year in September is a given and all that remains is to set the exact date.

In recent days, it seems that the proposal to open schools before September has fallen on the table, but this has been rejected as it involves many problems, both related to domestic tourism and the general reversal of family planning.

According to today’s statements by the Minister of Education, Nikis Kerameos, the school year will start earlier, but not before September, as he clarified.

Therefore, it is likely that the first bell will ring in the new school year in early September in order for students to win another two weeks of classes and to be able to complete the course.

“Efforts are being made to start schools earlier, but not before September 1,” Kerameos said, adding that conditions would reopen in September.

“It simply came to our notice then. We still can’t predict how the schools will open “, ie whether we will have to go back to solving the classes with 15 students or we will be able to return to full normalcy.

It is no coincidence that Undersecretary of Education Sofia Zacharaki also referred today to the early opening of primary schools in September.

Speaking to Thema Fm, the Undersecretary of Education reiterated that the coverage of the material “will take place in September, so I have told the children to keep this year’s books.”

Parents are wary of returning students

However, some parents, despite the assurances of the scientists, continue to be wary of the return of students to schools from next Monday.

In the previous days, a poll recorded the concern of a large number of parents for the opening of primary schools.

The President of the Federation of Parents of Attica, Stella Valavani, spoke on the show “Society Hour MEGA” about the opening of primary education and the problems it faces.

According to Ms. Valavani, the main concern before the restart was the terms and conditions under which it would be done.

The discussion focuses on the issue of cleanliness and lack of teaching staff.

More specifically, all cleaning staff has been transferred to the responsibility of secondary schools. “There could be preparation for permanent cleaning staff,” said Ms. Valavani, while on the issue of the whole day, she argued that there is a great shortage of teaching staff and that immediate recruitment should be made.

Primary schools: How to make up for lost time - What will happen in September

Instructions to students on safety measures

In the coming days, EODY will send specific instructions to the schools for the protection measures for students and teachers.

However, the Athens Medical Association has already drafted a useful guide for the prevention and protection of corona for students and teachers in schools against coronavirus.

Three magic words

In particular, ISA invites students and teachers to memorize three magic words:

“Distance: You should not come close to each other. If you are going to cough or sneeze, walk away from your other classmates and cover your mouth and nose with your elbow, not your palm.

Clean hands: You should wash your hands often and properly with soap and water or clean them with a disinfectant solution. Never put your hands in your mouth, nose or eyes.

Mask: if you wear a mask, as long as you receive such an order, follow the instructions that show how we put it on and how we take it off.

Caution! When you wear the mask, which should fit well, you neither play nor run, because it is difficult for you to breathe. ”


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