Primary schools: Reverse measurement for their reopening with distances and separate breaks

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Preparations are underway for the opening of primary schools after the government’s decision to give the “green light” for students to return to their desks on June 1st.

As it became known yesterday, during the specialization of the measures by the Minister of Education Niki Kerameos, the schools will remain open until June 26, instead of June 15 which would be closed normally while he clarified that they will not operate – for the time being as he said – all-day schools.

The new reality for young students returning to school 2.5 months after the first bell will be completely different as they will be called upon to implement strict measures to protect themselves from the corona.

The new reality in the classroom

According to the Minister of Education, the distance between the students in the classrooms will be 1.5 meters, the children will take separate breaks so that there will be no congestion, there will be antiseptics while the classrooms will be cleaned twice a day.

How the departments will work

If the department has less than 15 children, it will be able to operate daily while otherwise the solution of the rotating courses will be followed (Monday – Wednesday – Friday half and Tuesday – Thursday the rest and vice versa next week).

Speaking yesterday at MEGA, Ms. Kerameos stressed that for primary schools there is always the possibility for tele-education.

“More in primary schools and kindergartens, we see that they will work every day. Tele-education is already being implemented. We brought a regulation, we brought a ministerial decision, from there on everyone is put before his responsibilities.

Teachers are called upon to give children living at home access to education, ”she said.

When will the new year begin?

Finally, regarding the start of the next school year, Ms. Kerameos said that “there is a plan to start earlier than September 1. We will see all this. Everything has come forward. ”

For the rest, regarding the protection measures for students and teachers, there will be antiseptics in the rooms, cleaning is provided twice a day, both during the operation of the school and after the completion of the courses.

Special legislation and additional funds have been provided for the amendment of the contracts of the cleaning staff, as well as the possibility for the recruitment of additional cleaning staff. In addition, natural ventilation of the rooms is provided.

The breaks will take place at different times, while the canteens will be closed.

The use of a mask will be optional for teachers and students (both at school and on school buses).

Primary schools: Reverse measurement for their reopening with distances and separate breaks

EODY instructions will be sent

Special EODY instructions will be sent in the coming days to all primary education structures, and a significant part of the first day will be dedicated to explaining the guidelines.

According to Ms. Kerameos, there is special care for teachers who fall into the category of special leave of absence as defined by the Ministry of Interior. There is also the possibility of a student being absent, on the basis of a simple responsible statement from a parent or guardian about the existence of a person in the home who belongs to an increased risk group or who is ill.

There is the possibility of modern distance learning by teachers for those students who fall into categories that justify their absence.

What will happen to the special schools

As he announced regarding the special schools, they will reopen on June 1st until June 12th for the secondary school and until June 26th for the primary school. The competent subcommittee of infectious disease specialists will meet today to give special instructions for the reopening of the special education units and, as the Minister assured, “there will be strict protection measures”.


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