Primary schools: The government’s dilemma is the attitude of teachers

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The time has come for the decision to open primary schools on June 1, with the government being called upon to weigh all the factors on the issue and its implications for Greek society.

The government is waiting for tomorrow’s meeting of the Committee of Infectious Diseases Commission on whether or not to open primary schools on June 1, or whether it should move more conservatively, leaving primary schools open for early September.

Infectious disease specialists, for the most part, at least claim that now is the best time for elementary school students to return to school.

As Nikos Sypsas mentioned, now is the best time to open primary schools as it is hot and open windows everywhere.

Speaking in the morning, he also mentioned the opening of schools for high school students on May 11, noting that there was no effect on the development of the pandemic.

Primary schools: The government's dilemma is the attitude of teachers

The Commission meeting on Sunday

The Committee of Infectious Diseases Commissioners will meet tomorrow afternoon and, as everything shows, will turn on the “green light” to the government to get the “padlock” out of the primary schools on June 1st.

However, the final decision will be made by the government and the prime minister himself, who is called upon to weigh a number of facts, such as epidemiological data and the concerns of some parents and teachers.

First of all, he will discuss with the infectious disease specialists all the data on the development of the pandemic, he will listen to the concerns expressed by some scientists about whether the protection measures can be observed by the students and the pedagogical needs that exist, as well as the children. have missed several days of classes.

It seems that so far the plate is tilting towards the opening of schools. A decision that, if taken, could keep primary schools open even until the end of June, to make up for much of the lost teaching hours.

However, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis during a teleconference with teachers in the previous days, said that any decisions taken will be under the guidance and recommendations of experts.

Primary schools: The government's dilemma is the attitude of teachers

What teachers are asking for is the opening of primary schools

Teachers, for their part, who will be called upon to handle the issue of returning students to schools and complying with all safety rules, appear positive with the opening of primary schools but point out some issues that need to be addressed immediately.

“Schools must be opened because closed schools have a class sign as more children of poor families are affected,” Stavros Petrakis, secretary-general of the Teachers’ Federation, told

He emphasizes that those who have to decide on the opening of schools are the experts.

Mr. Petrakis, however, notes that young children are unlikely to keep the distance they need, while also referring to the problems that will exist due to building problems, noting that some rooms are small.

Another issue, Mr. Petrakis claims, concerns the cleaning of schools and the additional needs that will exist.

“Primary school cleaners are currently in high school and high school. Obviously they will have to return but also be strengthened for the increased needs that will exist due to the pandemic.

He adds that the Ministry of Education has not discussed with the teachers about the opening of schools, their opinion has not been requested.

“We want the schools to be opened as long as the protocols for the safety of the students are observed. However, the ministry should ask for our opinion in order to discuss any problems that may arise, “he stressed.


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