Quarantine end: Instructions for the next day – Where to wear a mask, which stores work

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The issue of hours is the end of quarantine and our entry into the new reality has as its main goal to “stay safe”.

On Monday at 6 am, “6 weeks of quarantine, 42 unprecedented days, 1008 hours of quarantine” are closed, as the Deputy Minister of Civil Protection stressed. Nikos Hardalias during the briefing on the progress of the pandemic, which while on Sunday is done through a written announcement, today was live due to the lifting of the measures.

“The disease is on the rise. Our country has managed to control it and tomorrow we will start a new phase. The difficulty is not over, we will not return to how we lived. We are starting to enter into relative regularity with small and steady steps “, said the Infectious Diseases Specialist and Director of Air Force Health, Lieutenant Commander Dimitris Chatzigeorgiou, who replaced Sotiris Tsiodras in today’s update.

First of all, consider personal hygiene measures, ie safety distances, frequent cleaning of hands and the use of masks, he said and added about the masks that during home restraint the use of masks was not a priority, but now that they are removed the restrictions must pay attention to the mask as a complementary means.

The mask, the key to the new reality

The use of a mask becomes the main rule, as without it we can no longer enter the small shops that open in MMM.

Of course, distances and antiseptics are two words that will be etched in our minds for good, since we must respectfully observe the first and constantly have the second in mind.

In fact, the measures should be observed by all as the government will continuously and even daily evaluate the course of the epidemic in Greece after the gradual lifting of the measures.

The mask from 6 in the morning on Monday will be mandatory for citizens in Public Transport, Taxi, elevator, hospitals, Health Centers, Diagnostic Centers.

For employees, it is mandatory in Public transport and taxis. Super Market
Food stores, in the departments that manage non-standard foods (eg: butchers, fishmongers, patisseries, bakeries, etc.). Clinics, Hospitals and Diagnostic Centers, Hairdressers and Aesthetics Centers.

According to Mr Hatzigeorgiou, “although its use is not mandatory in all enclosed spaces, the Commission recommends that the mask be used in any case where the necessary distances cannot be observed.”

Earlier, he stressed that now that the restrictions have been lifted, we should all put more emphasis on the mask. “We have to act like we are carriers of the virus and we don’t want to transmit it,” he said, adding that under no circumstances are masks with exhalation valves (ffp2 / ffp3) intended for doctors recommended.

Finally the SMS

From Monday, the measures for the circulation of the citizens will be removed and the SMS will be abolished in 13033 as well as the written permission for movement.

At present, however, it is recalled that you are not allowed to move to other prefectures outside the area of ​​our residence.

The date of the total release of the traffic from prefecture to law will be May 18, always guided by the evolution of the pandemic.

Which stores are reopening?

From Monday, May 4, the following stores will reopen:

  • Bookstores
  • Newspaper and stationery stores
  • Computer stores, regional computer and software units
  • Telecommunication equipment stores
  • Sports equipment stores
  • Flower shops
  • Vehicle technical inspection services (KTEO)
  • Hairdressers, barbershops beauty salons
  • Shoe polishing services
  • Optical stores and sales of hearing aids

In fact, about 10% of professionals – employees and businesses who were forced to stop working due to measures to reduce the dispersion of corona – return.

It is noted, however, that, as Mr Hardalias clarified, among other things, wellness activities in gyms, ie massage, individual training, Pilates, yoga, are not allowed. “Any exercise in these activities will drag the entire company to the level of administrative fines and other consequences,” he said.

Quarantine end: Instructions for the next day - Where to wear a mask, which stores work

Operation with rules

The reopening of the companies will be done with rules: In the outdoor dining areas, for example, the distance is set at two meters between the people and there should be one customer per 3 sq.m. and up to four people per table.

In offices, the distance is set to one person per 10 sq.m. and a distance of one and a half meters.

In schools, universities and tutoring centres, the distance is set to one person per seven sq.m. and a distance of one and a half meters

In places of worship, the distance is set to one person per 10 sq.m. and a distance of one and a half meters.

In supermarkets and grocery stores, the distance is set at one and a half meters and there should be a distance of one customer per 15 sq.m.

In other open spaces, hospitals, clinics, diagnostic centres, retail stores, hairdressers and beauty salons, the distance is set at one and a half meters between people, while it is planned to have four people per 20 sq.m.

In hairdressers and beauty salons, the arrival of customers will be allowed only by appointment and their registration in a list that will be compiled by the company at the beginning of the daily operation.

The itineraries in MMM are increasing

From Monday, the routes in MMM will be strengthened, based on the smooth and safe movement of passengers, while there will be “300 helpers”, passengers. The mandatory use of a mask, both for the staff and the passengers, as well as the observance of distances to avoid overcrowding.

In the metro (lines 2 and 3) and the electric (line 1) the time distance of the routes will be 6 minutes, in the tram 8 minutes, while in the buses and trolleys, the vehicles that will be launched will exceed 1,000.

Also, a controlled entrance to stations, trains and vehicles will be carried out, in order to achieve the necessary physical distance as much as possible.

What applies to Churches

Churches will also open their doors from May 4 for individual prayers, with a ban on gatherings of up to 10 people.

From May 17, the services will be held with the participation of the faithful with specific rules, according to the JMC published on Saturday.

It is permissible, under the responsibility of the legally religious official, the attendance of natural persons, for individual prayer and their short stay in the place of worship.

The total number of attendees in the places of worship is determined according to the ratio of one (1) person per 10 sq.m. area and with a minimum distance of one and a half (1.5) meters between them. In case the area of ​​the place of worship exceeds 500 sq.m., the maximum number of attendees is set at fifty (50).

Worshipers must ensure that the maximum total number, the above ratio of natural persons / square meters, the distance between them, and all the necessary hygiene measures are observed at all times, especially in terms of practices and objects that used for manifestations of religious wisdom.

Quarantine end: Instructions for the next day - Where to wear a mask, which stores work

The big bet: “Stay safe”

“The big bet of the next few hours, days and weeks is more difficult, more complex, but extremely important, to stay safe, not to give space and way to the virus to be transmitted,” said Nikos during today’s press conference. Hardalias.

He acknowledged that the project is difficult, complex, but extremely important because its outcome will judge everything, for our lives, our daily lives, our own homeland.

“From tomorrow, at 6 in the morning, we are called to build a new wall to limit its spread, to continue the battle with the same intensity, which will judge the final outcome of the war against the disease”, which is the observance of the rules of travel and our social or other contacts, he stressed.

He noted that tomorrow, at 6 in the morning, six weeks will be completed, with unprecedented processes, full of pressure, dilemmas and especially about what will happen.

“The virus is here and it threatens our health, our lives, our work,” said Hardalias, stressing that “the weapon to defeat him is to follow the rules of movement and contact.”

“If we follow the rules, we will move forward day by day in the next phases and the government can implement the timetable for returning to normalcy. “If we do not follow the rules, the risk of an outbreak of corona and new restrictions will be one-way,” he warned.

He pointed out that the Greeks proved that “when we stand united, we are capable of the best and that we were able to break the chain of transmission of the virus. We have proved that everyone can learn from us, “he said.


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