Return to normalcy – What applies to midnight travel

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Stelios Petsas pointed out the return to a new regularity during the briefing of the political editors. As he said, what we have learned during this time we must continue to keep. The government spokesman spoke about both individual protection measures and unnecessary travel.

“We entered the security bridge that leads us to a new regularity from this morning,” said government spokesman Stelios Petsas.

“The goal is to gradually and safely restart social and economic activity so that we can get our lives back. As of today, the restrictions on travel within the prefecture are lifted, but not on travel to the region and the islands. Retail businesses, as well as service providers, are reopening so that from today we can say that next week we will all take a step forward. ”

At the same time, Mr Petsas stressed that “we all know that now the difficulties begin”, noting that “the return to the new normality is like leaving the maze”.

The government spokesman also pointed out in all tones that, as in the first phase, the key to success would now be “individual responsibility and our collective maturity, discipline and confidence in the suggestions of experts.”

Regarding the avoidance of traffic in the evening, Mr Petsas said that there is no ban and that the recommendation is to avoid unnecessary travel.

“All of us, like Theseus, must reverently follow the thread of Ariadne and get out of the labyrinth of the coroner’s pandemic safely,” the government spokesman said. “It would be unfair to lose what we have achieved with sacrifices in recent months. We know that the course on the bridge that was opened today will be evaluated daily “, he noted, adding that as the Prime Minister emphasized, every plan is subject to improvements or revisions depending on the developments.

In any case, “we will go slowly, carefully and according to the epidemiological data.” Also that in this course we will be accompanied by behaviours and protection measures “necessary to stay safe: frequent and meticulous hand washing, avoiding touching the face, keeping distance, using a mask where necessary and of course staying at home and contacting our doctor. , with the first symptom “.

Source: and RES-EIA


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