A shocking complaint about the modern slave trade in Fthiotida

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In an event with strong social implications but also exploitation-trade of human life and dignity, the Social Service of the Municipality of Lamia came into contact today and was invited to host Willy as homeless.

Willy has been working hard for two months on a farm in Glyfa, Fthiotida. According to him, by filing a complaint with the Police, his employer never paid him for the work they agreed on.

He was provided with only shelter and food, which, according to him, was overpriced and deducted from his monthly salary. When he was in despair after two months asking for his money, he was confronted by an angry employer who was forcing him to work harder to pay him.

He decided to take the only 290 euros he was given and left the estate on foot, fearing for his physical integrity. He stayed in the countryside for two days, suffering in Glyfa, until the Police collected him and because he was already having a fever and cough, he sent him to the Lamia Hospital for a coronary examination.

It was yesterday’s 9th sample that fortunately returned negative like the rest, from the audit in EKPA.

Today, coming out of the hospital healthy, she will be hosted by the Municipality of Lamia, which was immediately active.

Deputy Mayor of Health Panagiotis Stasinos was in the hospital together with the tireless volunteers of the Red Cross and provided him with accommodation, hot food and a warm bath. Tomorrow he will travel to Thessaloniki to look for a better employer until he gets the coveted asylum paper.

FM-1 reports that Willy has left Congo and has a family of seven. He tries to feed them by looking for a better tomorrow in Europe. He is in Greece with all the legal documents and is awaiting trial on his first-degree asylum.

It is housed in a rented apartment in Thessaloniki that is funded by the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, with the aim of tackling the refugee crisis, which is being implemented by the Municipality of Thessaloniki and has been included in a job search program while in Greece.

See exclusive documents presented by Willy to the police:

A shocking complaint about the modern slave trade in FthiotidaA shocking complaint about the modern slave trade in Fthiotida

Source: LamiaFM


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