Shopping malls: They started operating with distances, masks and antiseptics

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With distances, masks and antiseptics, the shopping centres in Athens made a “premiere” today, Monday, at 10 in the morning, after almost two months of corona. In a well-known shopping centre in Maroussi, the protection measures are observed “reverently” with all consumers entering with a mask, while in the reception was placed plexiglass, as well as antiseptic, as well as next to the elevators. In each store inside the building, workers and consumers wore masks, while several shops had special stands at their entrances with antiseptics, masks and gloves.

“Today from 10 in the morning the mall started operating again and we are very happy to receive our visitors. It is a great pleasure for us and our shopping centre is a safe destination for all families and not only and it is also an oasis of coolness, as our air conditioning works by supplying 100% fresh air and not with re-circulation “, says the manager of The Mall Athens, Evangelos Zarkalis.

Shopping malls: They started operating with distances, masks and antiseptics

In addition to the set measures, the mall has taken other additional measures. According to Mr Zarkalis, the common areas are constantly disinfected by certified companies, the toilets are disinfected every 15 minutes, while there are special hand sanitizers throughout the mall. “At all times, we keep a distance of 1.5 meters per visitor. The elevators are definitely used only by vulnerable groups and the elderly and we also do an online census of the people entering the mall, keeping the rule a visitor every 20 sq.m. We can and do know this at all times “, Mr Zarkalis emphasizes. As he explains, during the week there will be an update on the response of the people, while from Thursday additional measures will be taken, such as the operation of thermal cameras to detect fever.

“In our stores, all customers must disinfect their hands before entering or wearing new gloves, or if they wear gloves, they must also disinfect them,” says Argyro Zafiriou, head of stores at a well-known clothing, footwear and accessories chain. As he says, the incoming consumers are provided with entrance cards, depending on the people who will enter the store and from there onwards the rehearsal rooms are open. The clothes to be tested are then disinfected with special sprays or steam, then left out for 1-2 hours and resold when ready. “There is a lot of traffic in our store in Omonia, something we did not expect, here it is still the beginning, but it is starting and moving,” he points out to APE-MPE.

Shopping malls: They started operating with distances, masks and antiseptics

In addition to the big malls, the discount villages are reopening today, as well as the discount stores. The use of a mask is mandatory for those who enter or work in stores, as well as the use of a mask in public areas is strongly recommended.

Source: RES-EIA


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