Spanaki’s intervention for the works of Moschato beach and Faliriko Bay

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The significant delay in the reconstruction works of Moschato beach and Faliriko Bay caused the intense intervention of the New Democracy MP Vassilis-Petrou Spanakis, who today submitted a Question to the Minister of Interior Mr. Panagiotis Theodorikakos.

“For the past four years, the infrastructure works of the first phase of the Rehabilitation of Faliriko Bay have been constructed on the coastal Attica Front. This is a major renovation that will offer multiple benefits to residents of both neighbouring municipalities and the entire Basin. The interconnection of the projects with the neighbouring project of Elliniko, will create a unique in beauty and value urban coastal zone accessible in a short time by the Athenians and visitors “, says the Member of Parliament of the Southern Sector of Athens.

Spanaki's intervention for the works of Moschato beach and Faliriko Bay

Mr. Spanakis points out that “despite the vital importance of this project, every day the residents and those who move in the area experience the difficulties created due to the existence of a vast construction site, without a clear date for the completion of the renovation. The delay in the first phase of the projects implies the significant delay in the start of the implementation of the second phase, which includes the landscaping projects “and concludes:

“Because there is a strong concern of residents and bodies of the local government because such an important breathing task can not be attributed to substance use.

Following the above, the Minister is asked:
1) What is the complete schedule of the first phase of the projects?
2) What is the reason for the delay in their implementation?
3) What is the total cost of phase A and what is the forecast for phase B?
4) Have the studies for the completion of the second phase of the projects been completed and if not, when is their completion calculated?
5) When is it estimated that the use of the spaces as a whole will be attributed to the residents of Moschato, the neighbouring Municipalities and all the residents of the Basin?”


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