Special purpose permit: What applies to parents of children in Primary and Secondary Schools

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The Ministry of Interior issued a circular yesterday clarifying clarifications regarding the special purpose permits for parents who have children under 15 years of age.

For special-purpose leave, the circular reminds that if only one of the two parents is working, then he cannot use this leave unless the non-working parent is being treated for any reason or is suffering from coronary heart disease. or is a person with a disability of 67% or more.

Its granting depends on the temporary suspension of operation of the nursery school or school unit, where the employee’s child attends and is granted for the entire period of the suspension of that employment. The same applies to the granting of this permit to parents whose children under the age of four do not attend kindergartens.

According to the circular, in case of resumption of operation of the school units, the assistance of the conditions for granting the said permit will be re-checked and if the right is no longer substantiated, these employees will be included in the employees who provide shift work.

Also, the civil servant is not entitled to the special purpose leave for those cases in which the spouse employed in the private sector makes the same use of the special purpose leave or works remotely.

It is not possible to grant this permit even in cases where the spouse is also an employee of the State and is proven to work remotely. However, it is possible to provide the other spouse with exceptional cases in cases where the spouse’s remote work must be provided at a specific time and in a way that does not make it possible to take care of the children.

Working parent parental leave entitles children to:

  • registered in infant, nursery and nursery schools
  • attending compulsory school units
  • attending special schools or school units of special education and training.

It is noted that the above applies regardless of the age limit of the children, while the leave is also entitled to working parents of persons with disabilities, who, regardless of their age, benefit from open care services for people with disabilities.

The above leave may be obtained if at least one parent works in the private sector as an employee, even if the other parent is a self-employed person. In case both parents are employees, in the same or in different employers, with a joint responsible statement to the employer or their employers, they announce which of the two will use the above license or, in case they share the license, the corresponding time intervals of use by each of them.

If one parent is an employee in the private sector while the other is in the Public Sector, it is required to present to the employer the responsible statement of the working parent in the Public Sector that he has not used the special purpose permit, so that the private sector employee can use of this license.

If only one of the two parents is working, then he cannot use the special-purpose leave, unless the non-working parent is being treated for any reason or is ill with coronavirus or is a person with a disability (disability) with a rate of 67 % and above, according to a decision of a competent health committee in force or receiving a disability allowance from the Welfare Benefits and Social Solidarity Organization (OPEKA) or disability pension.

In the event of a divorce or parental separation, the parent who has custody of the child or parental responsibility shall obtain the special leave, unless otherwise agreed, in accordance with their joint declaration of responsibility as above. In any case, in order for the employee to be able to use the special-purpose leave, he must meet the legal requirements for obtaining an annual normal leave of at least 6 days in the six-day work and 5 days in the five-day work. In case the above condition is not met, then he is entitled to the special purpose leave in proportion to the normal leave days he is entitled to.


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