Spiral dismantling that stole luxury cars – Over 1.5 million euros their booty

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A multi-member spiral that committed more than 40 thefts of luxury vehicles, in various areas of Attica, was dismantled by the Department of Crimes Owned by the Attica Security Directorate. According to the Police, the total value of the removed vehicles is estimated to exceed 1,500,000 euros.

In particular, eight people, six Greeks and two foreigners were arrested in various areas of Attica, after a coordinated police operation, as members of the criminal organization.

According to the Police, some of the perpetrators located and removed the vehicles, while others took care to make fake license plates to place them on the stolen vehicles. They then either falsified their registration details (chassis number and engine number) and resold them as they were, or provided them with spare parts.

The spiral had special technical equipment, which is used by people who commit professional thefts and is hard to find in Greece and most of the time they imported it from abroad.

It is noted that the police investigation revealed that the perpetrators, after stealing a vehicle, then transported it and parked it in a safe place and searched its interior to locate any geographical identification systems (GPS TRACKERS). In some cases, especially for luxury vehicles of particularly high value, they placed on them fake license plates that had been made earlier by advertisements for the sale of vehicles of the same type, model and colour on the internet. Later, they were parked in expensive areas, so as not to arouse suspicion and the authorities were notified. After two or three days and after the vehicles were not located by their owners, they either transported them to underground parking lots or handed them over to people involved in spare parts shops to dismantle them. At the same time, some vehicles were transported to a workshop used by the organization, owned by one of the detainees. There, after making various changes, they forged car rental agency license plates, also owned by the same detainee, and then used them to rent to unsuspecting customers, earning a lot of money.

Spiral dismantling that stole luxury cars - Over 1.5 million euros their booty

The perpetrators searched the internet for advertisements for the sale of completely damaged vehicles and after buying such vehicles at very low prices, they then used their typical numbers (chassis number and license plates) to forge the stolen vehicles in the same model, type and colour. this to “legitimize” them.

Police searched, found and confiscated 38 cars, including 23 stolen and 15 counterfeit, license plates and licenses, a number of parts, spare parts, a small amount of drugs, and 18,000 euros.

So far, 44 car thefts and 2 license plate thefts have been investigated.

It is noted that most members of the organization have been arrested in the past for similar offences. They were charged with criminal offences of conspiracy to commit and join a criminal organization, distinguished conspiracy to commit a felony and conspiracy, money laundering, money laundering and drug and drug abuse.

The detainees, with the case against them, were taken to the Athens Prosecutor of First Instance.

Spiral dismantling that stole luxury cars - Over 1.5 million euros their booty

Source: RES-EIA


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