Sypsas: High temperatures do not kill the corona

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Nikos Sypsas, an infectious disease specialist, professor at the University of Athens and a member of the Committee on Corona, spoke on the show “MEGA” about the new regularity, but also about what we should expect in the coming months.

“It simply came to our notice then. What people need to know is that high temperatures do not kill the virus. They may not allow it to be easily transmitted. We know this from other Coronaeans. The virus remains with us and we must not forget it “, noted Mr Sypsas regarding the high temperatures and how they affect the corona.

Regarding the opening of the society earlier than originally estimated, Mr Sypsas stressed that “we rely on our opinions on the current state of the epidemic. Things are pretty good right now. We also have a high temperature, the open windows things that allow us to give the state an opinion to move forward earlier than we initially expected.”

“I do not think we can easily push 25 people into the commission. Of course, we are also members of society, but public health is always the first criterion, “he added.

“We are worried when we see the distance being violated. We are also concerned about overcrowding on MMM, on beaches, etc. Where we may be slowed down by society is when our curve, the index, rises above one. This will mean that an infected person transmits the virus to more than one person, and that will be worrying, “said Sypsas.

Regarding Holy Communion, Mr Sypsas pointed out that ‚Äúpurely infectious, when we have an epidemic transmitted by respiratory droplets, it is not a good idea to use the same spoons and glasses as other people. As far as Holy Communion is concerned, it is a matter of the believer, the Church and the State. I would like the world not to be crowded for Holy Communion. From there, everyone makes their own decisions. ”

“Obviously, the entry of tourists will be a delicate balance. On the one hand, we will definitely have people who are sick and will come to Greece, on the other hand, it is not possible to close tourism. We are looking to find the golden section and we will monitor the curves of the epidemic with great care “, Mr Sypsas added.

“In the first phase, the hotels will operate according to specific rules, so there will be a distance between the tenants. The decision of the state is that in every major tourist destination there should be a system where those who have suspicious symptoms will be isolated. There will also be a large availability of the test anywhere. The EU has not decided to test tourists before travelling. We must be ready for possible cases, “he said.

“I would say that anyone who travels to the countryside if they have any symptoms that worry them, should seek medical advice before travelling. The main safety rule is distances. When the Greek citizen who can go to the province arrives, he will have to keep his distance “, concluded Mr Sypsas.


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