The absolute chaos outside the British pubs

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The absolute chaos prevailed yesterday in the British pubs, which opened their gates after three months.

The streets of London were flooded with thousands of young people and no distance was observed between them, as can be seen from the photos and videos that were released.

“I just saw these scenes in Soho. It’s like health workers risking their lives trying to deal with the pandemic, just wasting their time, “one Twitter user wrote.

Another, who rode a bicycle in London at night, said the scenes made him cry and that the crowd at Soho was “as if the England national team had won a race”. “It simply came to our notice then. We lost, “he added.

“It is clear that citizens under the influence of alcohol are not going to adhere to the measures of social distancing,” said John Apter, president of the Federation of Police.

The absolute chaos outside the British pubs

According to the Independent, the police were present in the area but did not appear to be trying to disperse the crowds on the streets.

About 30% of pubs will not open

It is noted that despite the easing of restrictions, about 30% of bars, pubs and restaurants have remained closed, amid concerns about how to implement social distancing measures.

At a pub in Newcastle, customers enjoy their first outing after three months. “It simply came to our notice then. But everyone is having a good time, “said one BBC reporter.

“The rules are applicable and everyone follows them,” notes another.

The absolute chaos outside the British pubs

In fact, some could not contain their joy. “It’s wonderful. We feel absolutely safe, “said Isobel Dalton, a retired shipping director. “We are free, we have been in quarantine for weeks. It’s the first time we go out for a drink and meet friends, so we’re very excited. ”

The absolute chaos outside the British pubs

In any case, this is a very different Saturday from the expectations before the lockdown. Customers must make a reservation, state their details upon arrival and stay no longer than three hours.


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