The doors to the malls opened

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Its doors were opened today at 10 in the morning by the shopping centres all over Greece with the employees waiting for the first customers, always wearing their masks.

As it became known, there will be a controlled entrance both in the shopping centres and in each individual store.

The doors to the malls opened

How to try on clothes and shoes

Relevant instructions and tips for entering clothing stores have been made public by the president of EINAP, Matina Pagoni.

– We have to be careful with the distances.

The doors to the malls opened

– We and the employees who serve us must wear a mask – We prefer, knowing our numbers, to buy clothes without trying them on.

– Each store should have special disinfection systems for the clothes in front of us.

– We avoid entering the rehearsal rooms, as they are very small spaces, however, if we have to enter then we try not to come into contact with the existing surfaces.

– We do not touch anything, we take the clothes and wear it if possible over our clothes.

– We do not allow employees to enter the rehearsal rooms when we are inside, they hang us or touch the clothes at one point and

All industries that are opening today:

  • Malls
  • discount villages
  • Outlets
  • Also, the services are restarted:
  • Diet units.
  • Personal hygiene and body care.
  • Church decoration, and other halls
  • Pets related pet training and related activities as well
  • The botanical and zoos and natural habitats.

The doors to the malls opened

All economic operators reopen with specific operating rules.

The following applies to commercial stores (malls), discount villages and discount stores:

The maximum number of customers allowed within the mall is determined according to the ratio of one (1) customer per 20 sq.m. surface mainly of the installation site

The maximum number of people allowed (employees and customers) within the stores is calculated according to the rule in force for retail stores.

Their opening hours are set at 10 a.m.

The mandatory distance of 1.5 meters between individuals applies.

It is recommended to use a mask to protect the staff and customers in the common area, while inside the stores it is mandatory to use a mask for both staff and customers.

The doors to the malls opened

It is also recommended not to use elevators. In case of need for use, the allowable occupancy limit is 40%. If there are escalators, the elevator can only be used by people with disabilities, the elderly and to power the store.


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