The gyms open on June 29

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“We are at the beginning of a great week, as the opening of retail businesses has been completed,” said Undersecretary of Development Nikos Papathanasis, speaking on Topic 104.6 and Babis Koutras and Nikos Felekis. The resumption of operations of the third “wave” of normalcy “started smoothly” Mr Papathanasis stressed and added that “the measures we have announced, adhere to”, despite their strictness. These include keeping distance, the number of customers allowed by the square footage, but also the use of a mask, which customers and staff must wear “within the shops of the malls”.

Responding to the number of organized beaches that opened at the weekend, “some beaches caught and opened and others did not, because they did not manage to make the leases from the municipalities,” said Mr Papathanasis, while recalling that for June 29 he has the opening of the gyms are planned. Regarding the total restoration of the catering industry next Monday, all the stores can operate as long as they have outdoor or semi-outdoor spaces, the Deputy Minister of Development noted, while in June those companies that do not have outdoor and semi-outdoor space will also operate. In addition, the coffee bars will open on May 25, but not the entertainment centres.

Mr Papathanasis reminded, however, that even in the case of catering, “there are distances” that must be observed, but also the means of protection, ie a mask for kitchen workers and a face shield for waiters so that they can serve better the citizens. “The state does not want to impose fines,” Papathanasis explained, although the control mechanisms will be present.

As for speeding up the return to normalcy, “everything was in one program. The program has been adhered to, “he said while ruling out any form of pressure in that direction, noting that the” special scientific committee is made up of many scientists and cannot accept pressure. ” Finally, when asked to comment on the levels of buying traffic, “At first people were reluctant to go out,” he said, noting that “then the evidence we have is positive.”


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