The interiors are also open to dining

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Another step towards normalcy will be taken today, Saturday, as the restaurant reopens both indoors and in hotel restaurants.

The next steps towards the full restoration of economic activity will take place on Monday, June 8, Monday, June 15, Monday, June 29 and July 1.

During this period, as announced by the Deputy Minister of Development Nikos Papathanasis, 89,000 employees return to work, ie 13% of the employees who had been suspended by state order and 63,000 companies reopened, ie 24% of the companies that had been suspended.

Specifically, it is allowed:

– the operation of the restaurant indoors

– the operation of restaurants in hotels

– the provision of canteen meals and drinks

– the provision of meals and drinks at outdoor events

– the services provided by a refreshment room and

– support activities for the performing arts.

The rules of operation

The following are valid for the operation of the indoor dining areas of the health stores that are reopening:

-A maximum allowed number of customers is determined according to the relationship of one customer per 2.20 sq.m. total licensed area.

– The provision for the operation of outdoor and semi-outdoor areas remains in force.

The interiors are also open to dining

-It is determined as the minimum distance between the tables according to the arrangement of the seats from 0.90 m to 1.80 m.

-When the meals are distributed through the buffet process, then they are carried out by employees / waiters of the company, without the customer coming in contact with the serving utensils and a transparent curtain is placed between the offered meals and the consumers.

The interiors are also open to dining

-The distance between those served in the buffet is set at 1.5 meters.

-It is recommended that ready-made product combinations be offered where possible.

The interiors are also open to dining

The Monday, June 8The services provided by:

-dance center,

-other liquor stores with internet access,

-café, with technical or mechanical games,

-fun-cabaret or nightclub,

-cafe with internet access (internet cafe),

-fun center-cafe,

-fun entertainment-boot and

-discotec entertainment center.

Also, the services are restarted:

-lucky games with machines,

-exploiting electronic games,

-exploitation of coin-operated gambling machines, and

-fun non-sports clubs (but without events).

The Monday, June 15 reopen:

– holiday accommodation and other accommodation of short stay and seasonal operation,

-professional rehabilitation services for people with disabilities,

-the visitation and support services for people with disabilities,

-music activities,

-the operation of historic sites and buildings and similar attractions,

-exercise facilities,

-a leisure park and other theme park activities,

-the rest of the fun and entertainment activities,

-body health services,

-bathroom services,

-the services of therapeutic baths and thermal springs and

-sun, spa and steam bath services.

The Monday, June 29

-the camp areas that host children are reopened.

The Wednesday, July 1 activities resumed with the subject:

-the organization of conferences and trade fairs,

-the realization of any performance in the presence of an audience, ie a concert and an artistic event, as well as

-the services of cultural associations and associations.


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