The profile of women who sought psychological and legal support after domestic violence

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80% of Greek women, aged between 40 and 54, married with children and graduates of higher education, were women who sought psychological and legal support, mainly for cases of domestic violence, from the counselling centres of KETHI to which they addressed the period of compulsory stay at home due to pandemic, according to data presented today to the special parliamentary committee on Equality, Youth and Human Rights.

The Parliamentary Committee presented the data collected by the Secretariat for Family Policy and Gender Equality and the KETHI on incidents of violence during the period of compulsory incarceration due to COVID-19.

The incidents

Significant increases in domestic violence cases were recorded in the days of quarantine and compulsory incarceration due to coronary heart disease, according to data submitted to the Special Parliamentary Committee on Equality, Family, Youth and Human Rights. Gender Politics and Equality, Maria Syrangela.

The SOS 15900 hotline of the General Secretariat for Family Policy and Gender Equality has received a total of 1,769 calls in the last month. According to the General Secretariat, the number of calls for violence in April reached 1,070, while the corresponding number of calls in March was 325. Equally alarming is the increase in calls for incidents of domestic violence in April, with 648 calls. Calls for domestic violence cases almost quadrupled in the quarantine month compared to the previous month, in March, when 166 calls were recorded for similar incidents.

The same figures show that seven out of ten cases of violence were reported by the victims themselves, and three out of ten were reported by third parties, such as parents, children, siblings, neighbours and friends. “It is clear that the information campaign to support women victims of violence has mobilized beneficiaries as well as third parties to contact the SOS line and report incidents of violence,” said Secretary-General of the Family Policy and Gender Equality Council. Maria Syrangela, emphasizing that it is very important that nine out of ten people who called the SOS 15900 line, dared for the first time to report the incident of violence, to ask for support and to send in turn to all women the message “We stay home but we do not remain silent”.


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