The quake south of Crete caused a small tsunami

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The quake, which struck south of Ierapetra, Crete, today caused a small tsunami on the southern coast of Crete and on the island of Chrysi, said EKPA professor and president of the Organization for Earthquake Planning & Protection (OASP) Efthymos Papathimos Gekkas and Dr. UNESCO Tsunami Warning System.

Crete: In the rhythms of “Egelados” Heraklion and Lassithi

According to a statement from Mr Lekkas, the tsunami was initially triggered by the withdrawal of seawater about 20 minutes after the quake, a phenomenon that has been repeated 3-4 times, according to a postgraduate student at the University of Strasbourg. Environmental Management, Disaster Management and Crisis “and officer of the Fire Brigade Robythakis Emmanuel. The change in sea level was about half a meter.

Finally, he points out that this is an exact repetition of the phenomenon that occurred on 1.7.2009 in the same area with a magnitude 6.4 earthquake and a similar local tsunami.

Source: RES-EIA


Crete: In the rhythms of “Egelados” Heraklion and Lassithi

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