The restaurant’s representatives are reacting to the reduction of VAT

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Coal treasure is said to be the reduction of VAT on coffee and non-alcoholic beverages from 24% to 13% for the period June 1 – October 31, 2020 for the market and consumers people of catering. According to them, this metro would make sense if it concerned the whole range of catering as well as it was an important incentive to stimulate consumption while it would also help significantly in attracting tourists, especially this year when no one can predict what will happen.

The president of the General Confederation of Professional Craftsmen and Merchants of Greece, George Kavvathas, described as wrong the government’s decision to reduce VAT only for drinks, ie coffee and soft drinks, noting that it offers absolutely no support to the industry as a whole. “We are the most productive sector in the country with 330,000 employees and 90,000 companies that have lost 25% of their turnover due to the epidemiological crisis. The government’s reward for supporting the focus on the economy is 83 million euros from the reduction of VAT, ie a benefit of 920 euros per year for each company “, said the president of GSEVEE, noting at the same time that the horizontal reduction of VAT is required so that a part of the reduction to pass to the final prices as well as financing of the companies of the sector directly from the state, without the involvement of the banks.

According to information, the representatives of the industry had submitted to the government a request for a reduction of VAT on catering from 13% to 11%, but a proposal which was not accepted. At the same time, for small margins to pass on the prices of products, the reduction of VAT is also talked about by professionals in the coffee industry, pointing out that in the past the companies had absorbed the increases of both VAT and the Special Tax on coffee and now it is difficult for them to further reduce their prices.

At the same time, the Hellenic Wine Association (S.E.O.) is asking the Greek government and the Ministry of Rural Development and Food to reduce the VAT on Greek wine. “The announced measure also concerns beverage drinks such as coffee, and exclusively imported product, white wine, as an ‘alcoholic beverage’, remains loud outside,” the S.E.O. “The European Commission has already given the green light to the possibility of implementing a reduced rate on alcoholic beverages, including wine,” he said.


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