The retail opens on May 11 – The rules, distances and masks

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A few hours separate the country in order to start the second phase of lifting the restrictive measures imposed on our country due to corona

As soon as the store opened, shop owners began to prepare feverishly, as well as equip themselves with the necessary protection measures to welcome their customers.

Because Africa resisted the pandemic of corona

Shopkeepers who have been preparing for days will raise their shutters on Monday, May 11 and will be called upon to manage the new reality, adhering to the government’s strict measures to prevent the dispersal of the pandemic. In addition to the masks, customers must keep their distance while the shopkeepers will be responsible for how many people enter each store.

According to the Ministry of Development, another 25% of companies, which stopped operating by government decision in March as part of measures to tackle the pandemic, have been “rolling out” since Monday.

The retail opens on May 11 - The rules, distances and masks

Thus, 35% of the market will be operational next Monday, covering product categories such as clothing and footwear, cosmetics, furniture and household appliances, as well as electrical items.

It is recalled that since last Monday we have opened bookstores, shops with stationery, computer and software stores, telecommunications equipment, sports equipment, flowers, KTEO, hairdressers, beauty salons, shops for polishing shoes, optics.

Factors in the trade estimate that during the two-month lockdown and given the transition to a new warmer era, “needs have been born” that will bring consumers to the stores. It is estimated that the overall opening of the market will bring more “traditional” consumers to the market, as they are the category of those who want to have a natural shopping experience.

The retail opens on May 11 - The rules, distances and masks

“Embarrassment” prevails mainly in the clothing and footwear market, where the buying process will require restrictions on product testing. However, even here, retail estimates that solutions will be found. In fact, many believe that the “I’m looking online-shopping offline” relationship will be reversed, as consumers may try on clothes and shoes but decide to buy them online.

Operating rules

For retail businesses, the maximum number of people allowed (employees and customers) within the main area is calculated as follows:

For stores mainly on the surface

  • Up to 20sqm: 4 people
  • From 20-100 sqm: 4 people + 1 person per 10sqm
  • Over 100sqm: 12 people + 1 person per 15sqm

Also, in case the area of ​​the store exceeds 300sqm and is developed in more than one level, the level criterion also applies, ie it is allowed up to 1 person per 10sqm per floor.

Opening hours and distances

The opening hours of the stores are set at 10 am, with the exception of the paint shops and other industrial items that are allowed to operate from 7:00 am.

  • The mandatory distance of 1.5 meters between individuals applies.
  • There is a strong recommendation for the use of a protective mask by staff and customers.
  • And it is recommended not to use elevators. In case of need for use, the allowable occupancy limit is 40%. If there are escalators, the elevator may only be used by people with disabilities, the elderly and the power supply of the store.

For gambling and betting shops

  • As for the rule of permitted persons within the main area of ​​the shops, the same conditions apply as for retail trade.
  • They are only allowed to operate without seated customers.
  • And there is a strong recommendation for the use of a protective mask by staff and customers.

For Driving Schools

  • Customers are only allowed to be present by appointment with the obligation to comply with a list of customers to be displayed at the auditing bodies.
  • It is mandatory to use the protective mask for both the trainer and the trainee.

For outdoor industrial stalls and markets

  • The minimum distance of 5 meters between the stalls of the sellers.
  • Maximum participation rate in public markets up to 50% of the original participants.
  • Opportunity to participate with the same percentage of 50% in the parallel popular markets created to avoid overcrowding.
  • And a minimum distance of 1.5 meters between people.

In detail, the stores that open

  • audio and video equipment
  • textiles
  • iron, paints and glass
  • carpets, rugs and floor and wall coverings
  • electrical home appliances
  • furniture, lighting and other household items
  • music and image recordings
  • toys of all kinds of clothes
  • footwear and leather goods
  • cosmetics and cosmetics
  • watches and jewellery
  • new and used items

Also, the following companies are restarting their physical stores:

  • rental and leasing of leisure and sporting goods
  • rental of videocassettes and records
  • renting and renting other types of personal or household use
  • the shops that operate with cooperation agreements “shop in a shop”

On the same date, the companies will reopen the subject of retail trade in outdoor stalls and purchases of textiles, clothing and footwear as well as other items.

They also reopen:

  • amateur driving schools
  • businesses dealing with gambling and betting in a physical store
  • diet services.

How the stores will serve

The process of customer service in retail stores that reopen their doors on Monday (11/5) was explained on the show “MEGA Weekend” by the owner of clothing stores, Thanassis Tsagaris and the hygienist and lecturer of the University of West Attica, Costas.

According to Mr Tsagaris, when customers enter the store, the point where there will be antiseptics, masks and gloves will be indicated. The clothes to be tested will be cleaned with a cloth and then with a steam cleaner and can be used again the next day.

Mr Deleuze explained how and why these measures would be taken, arguing that as high temperatures do not destroy the virus, clothes should first be lightly moistened and then evaporated. At the same time, there will be a point in the shops where the maps that may be infected will be collected, while in the doors of the stores the instructions and the rules for dealing with the corona will be posted.

He even talked about the use of air conditioners, during which a natural air current should be created, ie an artificial purification circuit that helps the space to remove the virus.


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