The tour will resume on June 15 without tests and quarantine

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From July 1, direct flights to all airports will start, with the government opening its borders, with the aim of restarting the tourist season. Earlier, on June 15, the tourist season begins, but only flights to “Eleftherios Venizelos” will be allowed.

As the competent minister, Haris Theocharis, said, specifying the measures for the restart of tourism, “we started a year with the best conditions. Tourism is largely made up of small family businesses and supports entire local communities.”

In this context, he referred to the ministry’s plan called “restart tourism”, a plan – as he said – safe for employees, respect for visitors, support for businesses and employees and strengthening health structures.

More specifically, as announced by Haris Theocharis, the tourist season for abroad will start on June 15. From that day, seasonal hotels will have the right to start operating, while June 1 will be preceded by hotels – accommodation for 12 months.

At the same time, direct flights from abroad – regardless of country of origin – will start on July 1, while from June 15 only flights to “Eleftherios Venizelos” will be allowed.

According to the minister, sampling tests will be carried out against the corona in the tourists, while a mandatory quarantine and test will not be imposed.

The opening schedule of tourism

  • May 25, yachting begins
  • On June 1, campsites and camps and 12-month city hotels will open
  • June 15 the remaining accommodation
  • Travel from abroad will only be allowed on June 15 at Eleftherios Venizelos Airport
  • On July 1, flights are allowed at other airports in the country.

Which visitors will come first

Foreign tourism will start on June 15, when visitors from about 20 countries will be released. It will cover visitors with good epidemiological characteristics, while criteria such as: road access, medium distance by air, expatriate communities will also be evaluated.

A second wave of countries will be added on July 1, of which only countries with negative epidemiological characteristics will be excluded.

The gradual removal of the remaining exceptions was set for July 15.

Case management measures

As part of the measures to manage corona cases, each accommodation will have a partner doctor and a coordinator.

Also, special “quarantine areas” will be defined per region until any patient is transferred to a health facility.

Especially for the islands, the installation of a total of 20 new analysts for tests on the islands is underway, while the operation of 600 beds COVID-19 is ensured.

Measures to support tourism financially

For the financial support of tourism, it was decided to extend the right to suspend the employment contract until July, to reduce the business rent by 40% until August, but also the new mechanism to increase employment “SURE” until September.

At the same time, seasonal employment will be strengthened, while the refundable advance payment and the reduction of tax advance will apply.

In addition, it was decided to reduce VAT on transportation, coffee, non-alcoholic beverages and the tourist package.

How to boost domestic tourism

In order to strengthen domestic tourism, it was decided to conduct an advertising campaign, while the “Tourism for All” and Social Tourism (OAED) programs will be utilized.

The Tourism program for All is worth 30 million euros and will offer an e-voucher worth 120 euros to each beneficiary for a holiday with a minimum of 4 nights.

It concerns hotels and travel agencies and the beneficiaries are estimated at 250,000.

There will also be corporate Holiday Vouchers for an additional tax-free holiday voucher worth € 300.


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