The whole plan for the reopening of schools

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The plan of the Ministry of Education for the next day in the schools was announced by the Minister of Education, Niki Kerameos, in a press conference that took place on Wednesday afternoon. The reopening of the educational structures will be done gradually, after a unanimous decision of the National Committee for the Protection of Public Health against the coronation. It is noted that each step of the process will be evaluated, and will be reviewed if necessary in the context of new data.

The operation of the schools will gradually return in two phases:

-On May 11, the students of the Third Lyceum return to the halls.

-On May 18, the students of the First & Second High School and the High School return to the halls.

The extension of the teaching year for Gymnasiums and Lyceums is foreseen until June 12, while the new teaching year will probably start earlier for everyone, from September 1st. Primary schools and kindergartens will remain closed, while the possibility of opening on June 1st is being considered, “only if we are absolutely certain that the course of the epidemic is going downhill,” the education minister said. If Primary and Kindergartens reopen this year, the possibility of extending the school year until June 30 is being considered. Two school zones:

Students will go to schools in rotating sub-departments (resulting from the division of the department into two) with the aim of reducing congestion within the same room. The distance between students should be 1.5 m and the maximum number of students in a class is 15 people. The rotation teaching in the two sub-departments is foreseen. Monday – Wednesday – Friday will go to school half the class and Tuesday – Thursday the other half, while next week will be the opposite. The small classes (up to 15 people) will be able to operate daily. There will also be a home study program for the days when students will not be in school. As a result, special purpose permits continue in both the public and private sectors for parents with children in educational structures that remain suspended.

In the context of maintaining sanitary conditions, due to the coronary artery, there will be antiseptics in schools, natural ventilation will be provided, while cleaning will be provided twice a day. Also, different breaks will be provided for the students, while the operation of the canteens will be prohibited. The use of a mask in the classroom and in the means of transport of students will be optional, as announced by the Ministry of Education. The Ministry of Education assures that before the start of the operation, the Directors of the schools will be sent instructions to EODY and the Ministry, which will be notified to teachers, students and parents, regarding necessary protection measures.

Also, there will be special care (provision of leave) for teachers who fall into the category of special leave of absence as defined by the Ministry of Education. There will be the possibility of an innumerable absence for students who have a special reason (based on a statement from a parent/guardian about the existence of a vulnerable group in the home as defined by the Commission, or in the case of a person who is ill). There will also be a live broadcast of the course through distance learning for those students who have a special reason for absence from school. There will be an EODY protocol for the management of any symptoms that occur in a member of the educational community – Tracking process with grades depending on each case.

As announced by the Minister of Education, Niki Kerameos, promotional and graduation exams will not be held and emphasis will be given to the coverage of the subject, following instructions from the Institute of Educational Policy. Student evaluation will be based on four-month grades. The tuition centres will follow the gradual reopening of the respective educational level, ie the classes of the 3rd Lyceum will start on May 11, while the classes of the A ‘, B’ Lyceum and Gymnasium, as well as the foreign language courses, will resume on May 18. However, there is a strong recommendation for e-learning. Preventive measures will also apply in tuition centres, ie the distance of 1.5 meters between students, and the limit of 15 students per class. For the special schools and the structures of Greek language education abroad For the special schools, the suspension of operation is extended. The reopening of Greek-language education structures abroad will take place on the basis of a decision of the education coordinator, depending on the prevailing conditions in each country.

The start date of the Panhellenic Games is set for June 15, 2020, for General Lyceums and June 16 for Vocational High Schools. A detailed program will be published soon. Also, instructions are expected from the National Committee for the Protection of Public Health for individual aspects of the way the exams are conducted. The resumption of their operation is scheduled for May 18. The restriction of 15 people per section applies here, with 1.5m. Intermediate distance and distance learning of trainees is provided. Depending on the speciality and the possibility of conducting laboratory courses, the end of the training year will be June 30 or September 30. The resumption of apprenticeships and Second Chance Schools is set for May 18.


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