Third “step” of return: What changes in schools, transportation and shopping malls

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Schools, shopping malls, archaeological sites, as well as relocations from prefecture to prefecture, bring the current, third stage of return to the “new normality” imposed on our lives by the pandemic of the corona in recent months. According to the plan of gradual relaxation of the measures announced by the Government, from this morning onwards, some other things that had been “frozen” and before the virus, we considered data are re-entering the daily routine.

The children of the Gymnasium and the A ‘and B’ Lyceum are returning to their desks today, everyone can move freely in the mainland and Crete, the archaeological sites and the big shopping centres are reopened, thus giving new breath to entrepreneurship and economy.

In detail, they will be back in operation from today:

The Gymnasium and the A ‘and B’ Lyceum

After the children of the 3rd Lyceum who returned to their desks on May 11, the relaxation of the measures brings from today to the schools and most of the secondary education. High school students and high school students return to the classroom, with the well-known protection measures, distance keeping, meticulous cleaning and the optional use of a mask, as well as some innovations: The ability to broadcast live lessons, the indication that they must take care of their books so that they can use them in the coming school year and the possibility of attending (for high school students) until the end of the year the Remedial Teaching.

Live streaming of the course is for students belonging to vulnerable groups, while according to the ministry, the camera should focus only on the teacher and/or the classroom, while the live broadcast of the course is not part of the teaching time associated with any examination of students. This decision is valid until the end of the current school year. The educational federations (ILO, OLME and OIELE) have expressed their opposition, citing the importance of protecting sensitive personal data of students and teachers, with the ministry stressing that the purpose of this regulation is legal.

High school and high school classes will end on June 12, while as long as they last, the rules that apply to the 3rd Lyceum will apply, ie 15 students (maximum) per class, distances, separate breaks, not ball games and closed canteens.

Travel to mainland Greece, airplanes and trains

However, May 18 marks the “opening” of travel outside the prefecture for mainland Greece, but also for Crete and Evia (especially for Evia, after clarifications from the Ministry of Shipping, the release concerns road travel and not its ferry).

It is now possible to move from prefecture to prefecture across the mainland, either by car or by MMM, as the operation of the railway, intercity buses and tourist buses are gradually opening up. Always of course with the protection rules in force (mandatory use of a mask) and with 50% of the fullness of the means per case.

In this context, from today, Monday, the railway routes on the Athens-Thessaloniki-Athens axis will return, as well as some routes on the Thessaloniki-Florina routes and vice versa and local routes on the Larissa-Volos-Larissa line.

As of today, AEGEAN is gradually increasing its domestic flights, while by the end of May, major foreign destinations are gradually returning, with a small initial frequency. Specifically, as announced, from Monday, May 18, flights to Heraklion, Chania, Thessaloniki, Alexandroupolis will be strengthened, while within a month there will be an increase in routes to other destinations at home and abroad.

The new measures for coastal shipping

As of today, the new measures for coastal shipping and maritime tourism are in force, as announced by the competent minister, Giannis Plakiotakis. This requires passenger thermometers, the use of a mask and distances on the aircraft’s seats.

It is also stipulated that the maximum number of passengers will be 50% of the ship’s capacity, maintaining safety distances during boarding and disembarking, but also the use of cabins by one person, except in cases involving families or the disabled with their companion.

Back to the new regularity for shopping malls, shopping villages and outlets

After the schedule for the resumption of retail operations in two phases has been completed, the third phase, which begins today, includes the opening of large malls, discount villages and outlet stores. And in this case, it will be mandatory to use a mask for those who enter or work in stores, but also a strong recommendation for the use of a mask in public areas.

At the same time, some other service stores are reopening on Monday, such as dieticians, personal hygiene and body care services, church decoration services, halls, etc. (for weddings, baptisms, funerals and other events), as well as pet-related services. companion, for hunting and related activities and activities of botanical and zoos and natural habitats.

The Acropolis reopens

More than 200 outdoor and outdoor archaeological sites throughout the territory “welcome us again” today, Monday, May 18, 2020, as announced by the spot of the Ministry of Culture and Sports. What does this mean; That the Acropolis, the Ancient Agora, the Temple of Poseidon in Sounio, Dodoni, the Asclepieion of Epidaurus and many dozens of other archaeological sites are visitable, thus marking a first step for the “resumption” of cultural infrastructure after the Koronoi crisis. The archaeological sites will operate with extended summer hours (8 am to 8 pm) and all the necessary security measures, according to the instructions of EODY.

Relaxation of measures in prisons as well

The Ministry of Civil Protection has decided to relax from today the measures that apply in the country’s detention centres. What does this mean; Exclusive transfers to courts (trials, expiration of 18 months of temporary detention, etc.) and transfers made for emergency reasons are permitted. Closed visits, staff permits and the import of food and clothing are allowed. The gymnasiums and the other two classes of the Lyceum will also reopen (the 3rd Lyceum started on May 11), as well as the second chance schools, the vocational training institutes of the Detention Centers and the I.A.A. Volos.

The Secretariats of the Courts

As of today, the secretariats of the country’s courts are reopening, of course with all the necessary protection measures.

The training starts

The program of the day includes the return to training for athletes and clubs, as from today the sports venues will reopen. Of course, here too the data is very different from the past and what we knew. According to Sports Secretary George Mavrotas, the opening is taking place under new conditions such as meticulous competitive control, controlled access to the facilities, limitation in the capacity of the facilities and consequently in training time, meticulousness in hygiene and distancing measures.

Source: RES-EIA


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