This is the government’s plan for labour, economy and tourism

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The Prime Minister, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, is expected to announce a package of measures totalling 17 billion euros that will concern both the reduction of tax rates and the provision of liquidity to companies at 18:00.

In their message to the people, Kyriakos Mitsotakis will present the government’s new plan, which has as its primary goal the suspension of the recession.

With this new package, which government officials call “bazookas” in the economy, the goal is for the country to claim a larger share of this year’s smaller tourism pie.

At the same time, Mr Mitsotakis seeks to convince hesitant professionals to open their businesses and keep as many jobs as possible alive.

According to MEGA, the prime minister’s message will be long. On the one hand, it is expected to reiterate that this year will be difficult for tourism and that it cannot be compared to any other in the past, but to explain that it is possible to cover the lost ground, reduce the recession and create the conditions for the recovery expected in 2021 to be as large as possible.

Employee protection

Three categories of workers are expected to fall under the government’s “umbrella” of protection:

– Full-time employees.

– Periodically full or part-time employees.

– Professionals.

Finally, the Prime Minister will point out that with the support of this space, Greece will be able to broadcast a better image and gain even more confidence from foreign visitors, in order to become a “champion” in an objectively difficult summer.

Tax “breaths”

In particular, the direct tax breaks that the government plans to pay include:

– The reduction of VAT on specific beverages which are served as items served in the catering industry with VAT 24%, while if you order them outside, they are charged with 13%. Such beverages are coffee, soft drinks, juices and tea, which are widely consumed products and with their inclusion in the low tax rate of 13%, their prices will fall.

– The reduction of VAT from 24% to 13% on ferry and airline tickets.

– The temporary transfer of accommodation in hotels to the overdue VAT rate of 6% from 13% today and temporary suspension of the accommodation fee, ranging from 0.50 euros to 4 euros per night, depending on the category of hotels and rooms for rent. However, the 12-month hotels will open on June 1, while if the good epidemiological course continues, it is open seasonally to start operating immediately after the three days of the Holy Spirit, on June 9.

– Measures to protect workers, using resources from the European SURE program to support employment and retain jobs.

– Reduction of income tax or ENFIA from this year for those tenants who suffered a reduction in rent

– Reduction of the advance tax for businesses and professionals who choose it

– Extension of special compensation (533-800 euros), reduction of rent and suspension of payment of taxes and insurance contributions for companies that will not reopen


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