Three-month extension for the first house and a new program at the gates

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By Christina V. Glykou *

Going through the last month of spring and with the coveted extension of Law 4605/19 being a fact for a few days now, those borrowers who meet the conditions for inclusion are in a hurry to open the relevant applications to regulate their housing or business through the infamous electronic platform. products and at the same time protect their first (and for some unique) home.

At the same time, of course, there are many who do not comply with the existing law, either because their product blushed from the beginning of 2019 onwards, or because the balance of their debt exceeds (far) 130,000 E for housing products and 100,000 E for business.

It should be noted that the existing Law was extended for three months (Article 1 of the PNP 1/05/2020), ie until 31/07/2020, but without changing the strict conditions set from the beginning in order for a borrower to be deemed eligible and to settle the loan. In many cases, even with a subsidy that reaches up to 50% of the monthly instalment in housing and up to 30% in business. That is the reason why – despite the optimistic initial last year’s forecasts for inclusion large volumes due to the protection platform first house – in practice, very few joined until today (despite the fact that the extension given is the second-largest and virtually the last chance before the law is abolished) replaced.

Many borrowers have shown real interest – and continue to show – but even if they had applied, they could not proceed as even if one of the conditions is not met, they are automatically left out of protection. That is why many have already turned and turned. in bilateral negotiation – regulation with the respective banking institution.

It should be noted that in recent years – even during the entry into force of Law 3869/10 both for cases of applicants rejected by the competent Magistrates’ Courts and for those who chose to settle their debt out of court – too many borrowers with the help of Experts have made their products viable through negotiation and have protected all of their property.

The new design – bridge

In addition, a new plan-bridge was officially announced a few twenty-four hours ago and for the first time both consistent (pre-COVID-19) and red borrowers for loans linked to their first home will be included, regardless of the time the product became overdue. their.

In fact – according to what has become known in recent days – the instalment will probably be subsidized by the end of the year – those borrowers who have the conditions to be set – at a rate of over 50% (specialization criteria and subsidy rates are expected in the near future, excluding with safety valves for those who acted or are acting fraudulently, ie the strategic defaulters).

In conclusion, in the last 10 years – due to the unprecedented economic crisis of previous years and the pandemic in recent times – many of our fellow citizens have seen their incomes shrink to a minimum, lose their jobs overnight and risk being literally left on the road. …

Unfortunately, some people lost their lives (the auctions have now been suspended until 15/05/2020 and will be given a further suspension, but two months ago and all the previous period “they gave and took”), others succeeded either through the Law Katseli -especially in the first years of its implementation-, either out of court with negotiation or mediation or through the platform – in the last year – to regulate and save their property…

And there were others, those who were deprived in order to be able to remain consistent in their loan obligations and for the first time will finally be rewarded.

In unprecedented circumstances – such as the ones we experienced (due to the economic crisis) and the ones we are experiencing now (due to a pandemic) – it is imperative (and not populism and rhetorical crown) to have substantial support for all these people who have been victims. conditions and did not act fraudulently.

Following the latest announcements, it appears that for the first time there will be practical support for these debtors (red or not).

So waiting.

* Christina Glykou is a Lawyer – Diap. Mediator Y.D.D.A – Negotiator KEK OPA – General Secretary of the Hellenic Mediators Association


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