“Together we did it”: I thank the Greek Police for the citizens

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With a symbolic thank you video to the citizens and at the same time an account of her work in the last major crises, but also a request for the cooperation of the citizens from now on, the Greek Police welcomes the next phase of the great effort of the country, after 43 days quarantine.

“Together we have succeeded, together we are trying, together we will continue”, says the video, which, with the quick passage of 2.07 minutes, presents images with the work of the Police, from the effective guarding of the borders to the serious crisis of Evros, up to on the last day of quarantine. With patrols in the empty city, controls with thermometers and especially with the help of the elderly in their homes, even the strays who also suffered the severe consequences of this social isolation.

The ending is also symbolic, as it shows citizens applauding police forces for their role in quarantine and police removing the masks they wore to this day during their mission, expressing their gratitude.

The video was designed and made exclusively by the press office of the Hellenic Police Headquarters on the initiative of the leader Michalis Karamalakis and was posted this morning on YouTube, on the website of the House and on the media, and states:

“The Greek Police is carrying out its duty in every corner of the country. We, the Greek police, owe our debt to all of you, the citizens. Thank you, because once again you recognize our work. You support us, you give us strength, you trust us. Together we have succeeded, together we are trying, together we will continue “.

Source: RES-EIA


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