Topaloudi trial: Curtain in a terrible case – The new investigation into Roditis

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For Eleni’s parents, the feeling of relief is only momentary: a new struggle will begin when the case goes to the Court of Appeals.

Titles finally fell on the case of the murder and rape of Eleni Topaloudi.

The two defendants were found guilty of premeditated murder and gang rape of a 19-year-old student without any mitigating circumstances and were sentenced to life in prison and 15 years in prison each.

As of Friday morning, dozens of people had gathered outside the Mixed Jury Court where the two men were sentenced, calling for feminist collectivity “No Tolerance”.

The curtain fell on the much-praised case, with slogans such as “No other murdered, never forget what they did to Eleni”, which was shouted by Eleni Topaloudi’s mother, crying and clenching her fist, as she left the court, supported.

But, as Eleni’s father said, the feeling of relief is only instantaneous: a new struggle will begin when the case goes to the Court of Appeals.

Topaloudi trial: Curtain in a terrible case - The new investigation into Roditis

“The decision does not satisfy me”

The student’s mother, after many months of fighting for her daughter’s acquittal, broke out several times during the process. The decision did not satisfy her. Because even though the court imposed the heaviest penalties, her child’s killers are not going to stay in their cell for life.

“These are laws that provoke common sense,” he told reporters, urging the political world to show courage and strength and change the Penal Code. “Life imprisonment should be lifelong, not in 8 and 9 years, hard criminals should go out into society,” she said, noting that the two convicts used all forms of violence against her child.

The victim’s mother also referred to the prosecutor’s office, which divided her speech, calling her “worthy” and asking “not to succeed against her because they are all too small in stature.”

The father is moved

Eleni Topaloudi’s father felt justified, hearing the decision on the sentences of the guilty for the murder and rape of his child.

“I was convinced that justice would be done. Justice stood at the height of not saying at 1.85 who was Eleni or even better until the sky where Eleni is… I’m sorry but some would have to show due respect to our family. It was at this sacred moment that they came to the end that they had to go where they needed to go. I heard statements from many people yesterday, ministers rather than ministers… we are far from parties… “were the father’s words.

Mr Topaloudis shocked with his words in the main news bulletin of MEGA:

“It simply came to our notice then. In fact, there can be no justification, since our Eleni will not return. There is only one mental relief. And there will be greater relief if life becomes truly lifelong for heinous crimes.

Referring to the parents of the convicts, Mr Topaloudis stated “I am sorry, I wish the conditions under which we would know each other were different” while at the same time he stressed that “some people cannot lie constantly. It’s not possible for some people to slander our girl like that. ”

He described his daughter’s rapists and murderers as monsters, stressing that no witnesses were found during the trial, which had a good reason for them.

Referring now to the role of the Prosecutor during the trial, Mr Topaloudis argued that the heroes of this process were the judges and jurors, but above all the prosecutor.

“It simply came to our notice then. Because he spoke documented legally and humanely. I wish we had such prosecutors, “said Mr Topaloudis.

Finally, he thanked all the people who came to support the family during the trial, while closing he underlined “we are at the disposal of the Greek society so that there is no other Eleni”.

No remorse from the guilty

One and a half years after Eleni’s murder, the tragedy has come to an end. The trial in her case was particularly public, especially last week.

Without any remorse, the two defendants never told the truth: they never admitted that they raped Eleni Topaloudi, but they claimed that the girl went with them of her own free will. As for the murder, they threw it at each other. The well-to-do Roditis, in fact, had the audacity to claim that he had severe psychological problems, humiliating the whole process.

An investigation against the private psychiatrist

The Mixed Jury will ask for the investigation of a possible issuance of a false certificate by a private psychiatrist and moral instigation in the prescription of drugs for the Rhodian who was convicted for the murder of Eleni Topaloudi.

The court announced that it will forward the case to the competent prosecutor’s office, with the order to investigate the role of a private psychiatrist who allegedly changed the prescription of the 23-year-old’s drugs by adding a specific medication, but also the role of persons in the close family environment. prescription.

For her part, the lawsuit against Alexis Kougia stated that she would sue Roditis’ father and grandmother for false testimony, as well as two witnesses in the case. He also stated that he will file a lawsuit against two psychiatrists for a false certificate that they gave for the 23-year-old’s health condition.


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