Topaloudi trial – sister of the accused: My brother did not use violence – He was scared

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With the testimony of the sister of the second accused in the case of the murder of Eleni Topaloudi, the trial for the case that has shocked the country continued before the Mixed Jury Court.

The seven-year-old sister of the accused, of Albanian descent, ruled out the use of violence against her 19-year-old student by her brother, whom she described as “helpless and frightened” who “had problems with social phobia”. The witness, a special education teacher, also claimed that it was the student who suggested to the defendant “that three people go out together” and that the two of them were discussing “trying new things”.

Regarding the relationship with his co-accused, the witness said that her brother had referred to Roditis with “a kind of admiration” and that “before the summer he had told me that he was a fearless child that everyone feared”. Referring to the relationship between the two defendants, he stressed that “their relationship seemed different to me, my brother treated him like an idol. He had shops, he had money, he had financial prosperity.”

Referring to her brother’s relationship with Eleni Topaloudi, the witness said that they had a relationship and that “he was very excited when he told me. They had started chatting online and had met four times. They had ended their relationship. she told me because she had slept at home. ”

On the day of the crime, the witness testified that the young couple had arranged to meet at night “at 10 o’clock my brother left the house. I saw him again the next day at noon. He was a little curious, a little worried. I asked him what he was doing. Eleni didn’t answer me. At some point, she started crying and entered his room. We found out about the incident on TV. I was sure she hadn’t touched Eleni. When I saw him in prison in Grevena I asked him what happened and he started crying. He also apologized to me I asked why to apologize. He replied, “because I betrayed your love.”

According to the witness, if her brother “was not under the influence of fear, he could have protected her. He could not have reacted at that moment. He was trapped in his fears. He could not defend her.”

Witness: He could never hit her

President: The data tells us other things, the fingerprints, the iron.

Witness: He is helpless, scared, there was no way he could do it.

Asked by the president what her brother and Eleni had agreed to do, the witness said the student suggested “doing something that will excite both of them”, a proposal agreed by the defendant and so they decided to bring three people together.

President: What to do?

Witness: I can’t remember her

Father Topaloudi: He went to kiss her and came back from the other side

Witness: A relationship developed between them

Father Topaloudi: Yes, yes … That’s why he came back from the other side.

President: He went with his girlfriend to do what in this house?

Witness: I understand the question but she is her father next to me

President: But you have to answer

Witness: Eleni had sent him a message what would you say to do something that excites us both

President: You say that Eleni suggested to your brother. And what did your brother answer?

Witness: Yes

The trial is set to begin tomorrow, Tuesday.

Source: RES-EIA


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