Tourism: Greece and Cyprus are considering travel incentives – Theocharis Teleconferencing

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A teleconference on Greek-Cypriot tourism on the next day of the corona crisis was held on the initiative of the Greek tourist offices. It was attended by the Minister of Tourism, Haris Theocharis, the Deputy Minister of Tourism of Cyprus, Savvas Perdios, the President of the Federation of Greek Associations Travel and Tourism Offices (FedHATTA) Lysandros Tsiotikos Tidilitikis Heidatidis, the President of the Association of Tourists in Greece Nikolaos Kelaiditis and the President of the Association of Tourist Agents of Cyprus (ACTA) Vassilis Stamataris.

The main proposal concerns the creation of specific travel incentive packages, both for Greeks and Cypriots, to travel to the other country. The two countries had the best possible behaviour and progress regarding the Covid-19 epidemic, so the opening of their borders is expected to take place relatively soon and almost simultaneously, as highlighted in a statement.

It is clear that the numbers that will be achieved with these initiatives will not be particularly large, due to health and travel protocols, but the example of the two countries seeks to serve as an incentive for other countries to turn to Greece and Cyprus as the first destinations after the resumption of European and world tourism. The shift to domestic tourism cannot last long in the countries that decide it, and the extremely good epidemiological picture of Greece and Cyprus is a very serious factor in attracting travellers from other countries, according to Greek travel agents.

The ultimate goal is to open the tourist markets of the two countries in and in every direction and in this it was accepted that it will greatly contribute to the functional and easy implementation of protocols, but also to design packages that will include something other than the usual recipe of the sun and the sea, such as alternative forms of tourism in the hinterland.

The agencies will work closely with each other and will remain in constant contact to develop the criteria for this effort, which will then be forwarded to the two competent Ministries for their acceptance and support.

The meeting was followed by other meetings and discussions between the two countries’ tourism agencies, during which proposals were jointly drawn up for joint actions, which could contribute to the resumption of tourism in both countries.

Representatives of the two countries view the initiatives positively and have promised to do everything possible to ensure that they are implemented.

Source: RES-EIA


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