Trump’s “card” from Twitter Trump for misleading news

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Donald Trump on Tuesday accused the social networking site Twitter of “interfering” in the US presidential election, following the unprecedented move by his managers to point out two posts by the Republican President of the United States as misleading.

The White House resident complained – albeit in two new Twitter posts – that the site’s management was threatening “freedom of speech”, something that “I, as president, will not allow!”

“Twitter is interfering in the 2020 presidential election,” the tycoon said. “Twitter completely suppresses freedom of speech,” he added, typing the words “freedom of speech” in capital letters for emphasis, as usual.

Twitter tagged Trump for “misleading” posts

The reason for the outbreak of Trump, the decision of Twitter earlier to point out two posts of the Republican President of the USA as misleading.

The social networking site has posted a notice urging users to be “informed of the facts” in a post by Republican President Donald Trump on the letter, in which the White House resident is said to be “voting.” “And will result in” electoral fraud. ”

This notice, symbolized by an excerpt in a circle, in blue, invites readers of the post to “be informed of the facts about the letter votes” and leads them to a page where the editorial team of the social networking site has collected articles. and information that contradicts the presidential claim.

Trump's "card" from Twitter Trump for misleading news

This is the first time a state leader has been “checked” by twitter for posting.

Source: RES-EIA


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