Tsiaras announced major reforms in the field of Justice

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The articles of the multi-bill of the Ministry of Justice were voted by a majority. As the Minister of Justice informed the House, within the next week, the Legislative Content Act will be issued, which concerns the opening of the civil courts.

“The great pathogenesis, that is, the delay in the administration of justice, is not solved by small regulatory interventions, which are basically done over time. We need reforms, we need to look at our face in the mirror and take on both our personal and party responsibilities, “he said, noting that the mediation law has embarked on a new culture of dispute resolution.

“We want to bring the arbitration, criminal mediation. We want reforms to digitize. We are moving forward step by step. In the next bill that will come to the Parliament, we will have a network of regulations concerning the operation of the Court of Auditors and the possibility of setting up special departments for the country’s major courts of the first instance and appellate courts, special departments that can adjudicate mainly cases related to its development issues. “Mr Tsiaras said, adding that other major changes in the field of justice are currently being planned.

Trade union elections

Prior to the vote, Justice Minister Costas Tsiaras announced that he was accepting an amendment by ND MP Thanassis Plevris to harmonize penalties under the trade union law. With the amendment “anyone who falsifies or falsifies the result of elections for the election of collective bodies or representatives of any trade union organization, shall be punished by imprisonment of up to one year and if he is a member of a supervisory committee with imprisonment of up to two years”.

“In the context of the interventions for the modernization and rationalization of the Criminal Provisions of the Trade Union Legislation and based on the principle of proportionality, it is proposed that the penalties in the trade union law, with regard to elections, be in proportion to the other penalties provided. not even excessive of the penalties provided for in the national elections today “, said Thanassis Plevris who took the initiative to submit the relevant amendment to the multi-bill of the Ministry of Justice. The MP pointed out that “we have before us trade union elections that have been suspended and there is the paradox at the moment, for national elections the penalty frame to be lower than the penalty frame in the trade union elections which provides for maximum sentences of five years.”

“Many trade union elections are coming to an end next month. This is the logic of the amendment “, said the Minister of Justice, Costas Tsiaras, who had earlier accepted the complaints of the opposition parties that the amendment is” photographic “. “If you think this layout is photographic, it’s up to you. We believe that we should release the trade union process in a way that is consistent with what is happening in the national elections, “said the Justice Minister.

KKE parliamentary representative Thanassis Pafilis called on the government not to accept the amendment. The MP stressed that while the current provision, anyone who falsifies or falsifies the results of trade union elections is punished with imprisonment of at least three months and up to five years, with the amendment of Mr Plevris, which was accepted by the Minister, those who falsify or falsify the trade union election results are punished with a “ceiling” of one year. Thanasis Pafilis complained that it was “a monstrous photographic amendment” that attempts to “wash away” specific persons “from monsters and points they have made in the trade union movement” and that he may photograph a specific person accused of fraud in the GSEE.

“This completely photographic amendment says that anyone who falsifies or falsifies the election results for the promotion of collective bodies or representatives of any trade union organization is punishable by up to 1 year in prison. It is photographic “, said the special spokesperson of the Movement for Change, Nadia Giannakopoulou and pointed out:” Let me remind you that in the bill that we are voting for today, for the penalties that are punished up to 1 year, their criminal record is barred. The man for whom this amendment exists and has been written is extracting oil. Do you accept this photographic layout? You are called upon to give clear answers. ”

SYRIZA’s rapporteur, Charalambos Kalamatianos, spoke about the degradation of procedures, complaining that the amendment penalizes electoral fraud for the promotion of collective bodies and is punishable by one year in prison if he is a member of a committee of inmates up to 2 years in prison. “After what happened yesterday in Parliament, are you now proceeding with an amendment so that people who operate in this way are not punished? You have to give explanations, the issue is very serious “, said the SYRIZA MP.

Financial Prosecutor

The bill also includes the amendment of the Ministry of Justice, which expands the circle of appellant prosecutors from whom the Supreme Judicial Council can select the one who will be appointed as a prosecutor of Economic Crime. In addition, it is provided that the appointment of the Deputy Prosecutor of the Supreme Court, who oversees and coordinates the work of the prosecutors and prosecutors responsible for financial crimes, will be made by the Supreme Judicial Council and not by the Prosecutor of the Supreme Court, as provided provisions.

The amendment also stipulates that the Financial Crimes Prosecutor and the Appellate Prosecutor, who have the rank of Appellate Prosecutor and Appellate Prosecutor, respectively, when the complaint is not based on the law or is obviously unfounded in substance or inadmissible or after Preliminary examination does not provide sufficient evidence for the initiation of criminal proceedings, they put it in the file without the need for submission to the supervising Deputy Prosecutor of the Supreme Court.

Also, the process of dissolving a religious marriage is redefined and it is provided that the spiritual solution of this is carried out only by submitting a relevant application of the legal interest to the competent Holy Diocese. (As applicable, an order is also required from the competent Prosecutor of the Court of First Instance).


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