Tsiodras: Enzyme in the nose “shields” children from the coronary artery

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The representative of the Ministry of Health for the corona, Sotiris Tsiodras, indirectly returned to the issue of the opening of schools today, referring once again to the reduced risk that children show to get seriously ill from the deadly virus, in relation to adults.

Specifically, during today’s briefing, the infectious disease specialist referred to a Greek study by EKPA university students, which showed a significant reduction in olfactory functions in adult patients with the new disease.

He said the study used an objective way to measure olfactory dysfunction with special tests and detected olfactory disorders in 64% of patients.

“The enzyme -” door “of the corona”

“Coronaviruses attack the olfactory epithelium due to the increased expression it presents to receptor 2. It is the famous enzyme that is the door of the body for the virus to enter our body,” he noted and explained:

“It has to do with the next finding that I will tell you and explains why children are less likely to get seriously ill. It concerns the area of ​​the nose and specifically the area where the virus infects first “.

“New findings from New York suggest that children have reduced expression of receptor 2 in the nose. That is, they produce significantly smaller amounts of this protein that the virus uses to enter our body. The nasal mucosa is one of the first foci of infection in the body “, he said characteristically.

“In the study, which looked at people aged 4-60, the lowest expression of the gene for producing this enzyme was in young children. And gradually it increased with age, “he explained.

“A large study of 6,000 children will try to answer the question of whether this discovery, which comes from children, can help prevent the transmission of the disease with a new drug that will target this receptor. The door through which corona enters our body “he concluded.


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