Turkey: The underground “war” between Akar and Tsavousoglou

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Overflights. Immigration and crisis in Evros. Turkish-Turkish memorandum. “Blue Homeland”. Restoration of the doctrine of disputed islands and “grey zones” in the Aegean. The constant demand for demilitarization of the islands of the Eastern Aegean. Research vessels in the Exclusive Economic Zone of the Republic of Cyprus. Turkey’s aggressive rhetoric is gradually turning into an aggressive policy and is causing great concern in Athens. Ankara announces and implements.

Foreign policy is being militarized and the Foreign Ministry is being downgraded. Those who follow the developments in the Turkish political scene, with the background and the developments in Greek-Turkish, know the constant competition between the Turkish Ministries of Defense and Foreign Affairs and can see that it is now turning into a “war”. A “war” that has already managed to upset the balance by giving priority to the Minister of Defense and former Chief of General Staff of Turkey, Hulusi Akar, with Foreign Minister Mevlτt Çavuşo μαζίlu losing ground, and diplomacy with him, with direct opposition.

Hulusi Akar breathes his last and imposes the “Blue Homeland” claim plan, much more ambitious than the plans and maps presented by the high-ranking diplomat, Tsagatai Erchiges. The role of the Chief of Staff of the Navy, Vice Admiral Jihad Yaiji, who recently presented a book-manifesto of claims in which he challenges Greek sovereignty in 23 Aegean islands with the argument that Athens has also violated the Treaty of Lausanne, is also special. the condition for the transfer of the specific islands to Greece is cancelled. Yajizi is also the architect of both the “Blue Homeland” and the Turkish-Turkish memorandum, even if it is possible, according to diplomats, to trap Turkey and prevent it from manoeuvring.

He was seen standing in front of him in a conference in Washington, D.C., challenging the “Blue Homeland” doctrine to be targeted by the Jordanian newspaper “Geni Safak” and then reconstructed.

In the “power games” in the neighbour, Akar is the one who implements the new aggressive doctrine of Turkey and against Greece, with the rhetoric of the disputes, the restoration of the demilitarization of the islands and the responsibility of the overflights, which is now firmly chosen to be done from large islands, even in Evros. Cases that have increased so much that it is considered certain that Ankara may be pursuing an “accident” that will be designed to serve the doctrine of Turkey’s demands.

It gives outlets

Turkish foreign policy is being militarized, and Akar is seen as more useful to Erdogan as he provides outlets that can be exploited to support the image of “determined Turkey.” On the contrary, Tsavousoglou probably does not show usable success for the domestic audience. And even if in the context of the “war” the Foreign Minister is seduced by trying to follow the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, he always maintains lower tones. According to diplomatic circles, the transfer of Feridun Sinirlioglu from the post of Foreign Minister to the position of Permanent Representative to the UN, which created a significant gap, also played a role in the militarization of foreign policy.

Diplomatic sources note that the scenarios for further escalation of Turkish aggression in the shadow of the economic crisis in the neighbour, as well as in the effort to change the agenda after the coronation pandemic, which will mean significant changes in the geopolitical landscape, are real. They point out that Immigration is not over and send a message to Europe, while they believe that Ankara will seek to maintain tension in the region, while Erdogan will seek a new manoeuvre to strengthen it. Analysts even point out that in order to be able to predict the developments, one must see the situation in perspective, with the game becoming more and more dangerous.


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