VAT reduction coming – See where and how much

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The government is giving breath to businesses and consumers by reducing VAT on a range of products and services to 13% from 24% from July 1st to October 30th.

In this context, the first o Kyriakos Mitsotakis and then the Christos Staikouras announced the reduction of VAT from 24% to 13% on each type of ticket on public transport.

“I know the importance of the cheapest way to travel by bus, by ship or by plane. And I want those who move and go on vacation in the summer to do so with the least possible burden, “said the Prime Minister.

“It covers passenger transport by train, metro and tram, by city and intercity buses, by plane, by ship, by combined transport. Citizens, especially the weaker income groups, will benefit greatly from this state provision, “said the Minister of Finance.

VAT reduction coming - See where and how much

As for the reduction of tax advance, it is addressed to companies that have suffered a reduction in their turnover in the quarter of March – April – May. It remains to be seen which companies will be affected and how much the tax cut will be.

Regarding the rent reduction, the government has decided to reduce it by 40% by August, which concerns rent related to tourism, sports, culture, catering and transportation.

In addition, the reduction is aimed at employees with suspended employment contracts, who rent the main residence, but also students.

Real estate owners will benefit 20%, which will be covered by the state.


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