What about high temperatures and corona

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The extreme temperatures for the season that are expected in the coming days in our country, as well as the scenarios of high-temperature interconnection with the “lockdown”, were mentioned during of today’s information for coronaio, the spokesman for the Ministry of Health for the deadly virus, Sotiris Tsiodras.

Specifically, referring to the World Health Organization, Mr Tsiodras pointed out that high temperatures and sun exposure “do not kill” the virus.

“We can catch the virus regardless of outside temperatures. Direct exposure to the sun and temperatures above 25 degrees have no preventative effect against coronavirus, “he said.

For the heat-corona relationship

Mr Tsiodras also spoke about the theories about the connection between traffic restriction measures and the rise of mercury, saying that there is no correlation and that weather conditions are a consequence of the long-term effects of human activity.

“It must be clear to all of us that human activities have a long-term effect on climate change, often for decades. Climate change is a long-term phenomenon, it is the main cause of the gradual rise in temperatures observed on our planet, as well as the general occurrence of extreme weather events that affect our daily lives, “he clarified.

“Let’s make sure we have healthy strategies these days.”

At the same time, he made special recommendations to the citizens, who are expected to flood the beaches (the organized one’s open tomorrow, Saturday), calling on them to show composure, seriousness and consistency.

“It simply came to our notice then. To stay calm, serious, to show consistency, to help everyone stand up together. ”

“Changing the behaviour imposed on us by the new virus is not a coercive measure, it is a measure to protect everyone,” Mr Tsiodras said.

He also recommended paying attention, saying, “Let’s make sure we have healthy strategies these days. Also, pay attention to other measures that concern our health and are related to heatstroke, our good hydration, even more attention of vulnerable groups and especially their medication, in consultation with their doctor, measures which refer to the circular of the General Directorate of Public Health and Quality of Life and the Directorate of Public Health and Healthy Environment of our Ministry. Measures announced today “.


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