What did Grandma Zafeiro ask George Dalaras?

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In the company of George Dalaras was also found… grandmother Zafiro, from the Unmarried Thieves, who with her well-known brio called the well-known singer on the phone, to ask him, among other things, for a song.

“Giorgakis, my little bird. I missed you so much. I remember Giorgakis then in 1993 when I took you with me. Then no one knew you. You kept singing in OAKA, you filled the Olympic stadiums. Then I took you and you did well, “said Grandma Zafeiro.

In the “game”, of course, George Dalaras also entered, who recalled the moments when his grandmother took him for walks, holding him in his arms.

“Do you remember what wood you ate there in Attica to dance that Dalaras zeibekiko wonderfully?”, The grandmother then asked, with George Dalaras answering “I will always remember these”.

“Giorgakis, I want a little grace. This 13033 does not answer the last few days. When I go out, should I send you a message? I don’t want much. Give me an answer. Move 4 and my name “, the grandmother asked, with George Dalaras of course agree.

“Giorgakis, please pay attention there, you musicians with the klapatsibala and concerts and centres, not after 12 outside. There is a strict recommendation, 12 to six in the morning. Twelve ghosts come out, vampires drinking blood. Six, as soon as the sun rises, they leave. That’s where the virus comes from. So be careful. If anyone is in front of you, tell them abruptly “helix skil”! He will leave straight away! “, Grandma Zafeiro also stressed.

Giorgos Dalaras’ meeting with grandmother Zafirou ended musically, with the grandmother actively participating and setting the tone for “Fantases like a princess”, with music and lyrics by Vassilis Tsitsanis.


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