Where is the mask mandatory from Monday?

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The final announcements for the areas where the use of a protective mask is mandatory were made by the Deputy Minister of Civil Protection & Crisis Management, Nikos Hardalias on Saturday afternoon.

As Mr Hardalias stated, from Monday, May 4, when the first restrictions on the movement of citizens will be lifted, it will be mandatory to use a mask for the citizens in public transport and taxis, in elevators, in hospitals, clinics and diagnostic centres.

At the same time, employees in public transport and taxis, in supermarkets or grocery stores that sell non-standard products, in hospitals, clinics and diagnostic centres, as well as in hairdressers and beauty salons, should wear masks.

Indoors: The obligation was made

Although it was initially announced that the use of the mask would be mandatory for all enclosed spaces, the Undersecretary of Civil Protection spoke of the state’s recommendation for the use of a gathering of individuals.

In particular, Mr Hardalias said that the state recommends the use of a mask indoors, in offices and to visitors to hairdressers and beauty salons.

It is recalled that in the announcements for the opening of the stores in the previous days, it was announced that the use of the mask would be mandatory for the consumers who would visit supermarkets, grocery stores, barbershops, hairdressers and beauty salons, gambling shops. Failure to use the mask in the above areas would result in a fine of 150 euros to the citizens in case of control by the competent authorities.

According to reports, the government has decided to limit the points where the mask will be mandatory for citizens, following the reactions to their cost to the family budget.

Mr Hardalias, wanting to clarify this change, claimed that the scientific community as a whole, but also the governments, are constantly learning things about the corona, emphasizing that no one knows everything and that no one is able to give one and clear answer to all questions about the spread of corona.

Where is the mask mandatory from Monday?

EODY instructions for making a fabric mask

At the same time, both government officials and officials stress that citizens can choose to wear a fabric mask, which they can sterilize and reuse, reducing overall costs compared to disposable surgical masks.

EODY gave detailed instructions for the construction of a fabric mask to the citizens.


  1. Cut two rectangular pieces of fabric 25 x 15 cm. The two pieces of fabric will be sewn together as if they were a piece.
  2. Fold the large sides first, creating a small twist of about 0.5 cm and sew or sew well. Then, along the small sides, fold the double layer of fabric, creating a 1-1.5 cm hem (to later pass the rubber band) and sew or sew well.
  3. Pass on each small side of the mask you made, from a rubber band about 15 cm long and tie the rubber bands tightly. The tires are the supports of the ear mask. If you do not have a rubber band available, you can use a string, sewing it to the four ends of the mask and tying them respectively to the back of the head.
  4. Turn the rubber band to hide the knots in the hem. Shrink the two small sides of the mask with the rubber band. For better stabilization, you can sew the rubber to the four ends.

However, the National Agency for Public Health notes that the use of a fabric mask is prohibited for children under the age of two, people with respiratory problems, people who have lost consciousness and people who cannot be removed without assistance due to incapacity.


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